Unforgettable Navel!

Hi! This is my first story in EP! I have always had a fetish for female navels ever since my childhood! Since I am from India I am more attracted to and turned on by navels exposed in sarees. While some women cover it, some consider it their beauty spot and freely expose it! I am sharing one such experience.

Once I went to the dentist to get my periodic checkup. As I was waiting for my turn, a woman in her late 20s walked across me. what struck my sight was that she was in a red saree and her navel was peeking out as she walked. Before I could get a good look she walked away really fast. Then I got my turn. While I was lying in the chair, she walked inside and interrupted the dentist. She came near and showed him some papers and told him about it. She was standing next to the dentist and so close to my face. I slowly turned my face and there it was.

A deep navel peeking out of the saree and just inches away from my face. I wanted to lick and poke it. Then after she left. After which my checkup got over. I came out and searched for her. I just wanted to gaze at that beauty of a navel once more.But I was unlucky. So i returned sadly to the reception only to find her at the reception desk. Earlier some other woman was there.It seems she was a newly appointed hospital staff and she has come for the new shift. Since she was sitting I couldnot get a glimpse of her navel.So I decided to wait for her outside until she finishes her shift.

I waited for hours until she came outside. She walked towards the bus stop. I secretly followed her. She climbed into a crowded bus. I hopped in too keeping some distance from her. The bus was jam packed. Although luckily after one stop some people left and I got a seat. But she didn't. I was right behind her. She searched for a seat and saw me. I got shocked. But she didn't seem to remember me. As the crowd became more after the next stop she was eventually pushed near to my seat. She was just next to my right. Now my dream came true. The wind from the windows blowed her saree away and her navel was now fully displayed. I got really turned on and was enjoying it again. But my excitement grew more, when the unexpected happened. The bus took a very sharp right turn and everybody were pushed to their left. She lost grip and fell over me. My face was buried in her tummy and her navel in my lips.For a few seconds, I was sucking her navel. I got a huge turn on. Her tummy was really soft like a pillow. She got up and apologized,but I decided to use the chance. Her navel area was wet from the saliva of my lips. I inturn apologized and started wiping the saliva from her navel with my fingers. It felt like a hole was put on a sponge cake. It was so delicate.I used my index finger to rub around her navel, then I inserted it into her navel. She gasped and then stopped my hand. She felt a little embarassed as some passengers started to look at us. So I took my hand away. Then she used her saree pallu and wiped her navel herself. She felt uncomfortable and she covered her navel with the pallu.

At the next stop,she got off. I too got off but stopped following her and walked away. I returned home really satisfied. The next month, when I went for the checkup she was not there at the reception. After enquiring, I learned that she got transferred to a hospital in North India. But they didn't know where or which hospital. After which I never saw her again. I still remember her and I will never forget her navel.
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Hi, thats an amazing story. Hats off to your guts in public...