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I Hope So.....

I hope so.... I love EP for all the different experiences you can join, all the different stories you can share and the things you can learn but this one, well, its more a case of other people should be commenting, not me..... I hope i'm easy to get along with, but in truth, most of us will think the same thing.... you can only rely on other peoples opinions to be honest in something like this....

so yes, of course, i hope i'm easy to get along with, even though i recognise i'm not everyone cup of tea..... i try to treat others the way i wish to be treated myself, with respect, and open-mindedness and by being non-judgmental, but i think, in this post, i will reserve comment from you
lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly 36-40, F Nov 14, 2011

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