Me As A Woman With My Wife's Boss

I had a desire to be enjoyed as a lady by a male who is very experienced in sex but i never expressed it as my desire to my wife my wife had borrowed a loan from her bank and forgot to repay the interest one day she called me to her office for some reason that time her boss was scolding her and i was dressed in nice beautiful saree i was looking very pretty he asked her who am i she told that she(i) is my elder sister who is staying with me he had fallen for me he told her that, if your sister stays as my wife for a day you need not repay the loan and i ll give you promotion or else you have to go to jail for not repaying the interest also she agreed to him and invited to our house on sunday . She told me this matter on saturday i was very happy but pretented as if i am not interested she forced me to wear beautiful saree and dressed me like an angel i did not agree to do it she invited her boss for lunch at 1pm and told him to leave whenever he likes . I did not agree to this so my wife slapped me and pushed me to the bed then she tied my hands and legs on the four sides of the bed her boss told that he dont need lunch he needs only me so she simply sent her boss inside the bedroom and locked the door from outside he came and slept on me i too liked that then he started to kiss me on my lips for ten minutes then he licked my neck and he started to remove his coat suit and pants he wear only his underwear . Then he smelled my hair and the jasmine flowers which my wife kept on me then he began to play with navel and cleavage he slowly removed my saree and hugged me and started enjoying me he smelled my blouse and began to kiss on all parts of my body he slowly removed all the dress on me and finally left me with my bra and panty and finally he covered our body with bedsheet and slept and he told he dont wanted to have sex with me as it may cause aids so he told i just wanted to enjoy your beautiful body and enjoyed i must thank your sister for it and can u give me permission to enjoy whenever you like i agreed to him and he kissed me and removed my ties from the four corners of the bed then he slowly started to help me in wearing my dress and i completed it with his help and he left the room i pretended to my wife that i had lot of pain but actually i was enjoying a lot as his bed partner
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Real incident, appreciate your courage in sharing it with all of us.You sure are a strong WOMAN now..

real one it happend last month

dear sister,<br />
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it is fantancy or real one

Real one