OMG I'm so SO very sick right now. I had this flu about two weeks ago and then felt better and now it's going on another week with it and just getting worse. I know I need to slow down the pace but I have to work and I have to go to class and I have to take care of our family so the options are limited. Scary when even the X is admitting that I'm running into the ground and that he SHOULD help (not expecting that to go anywhere).

I had to work Friday until 4:30, had class from 5:30 until about 10 and then the kids. Got up Saturday and had class again from 8:30 until 2:30 and thought I could rest after because the PT job put me on call (they never call) *cough/hack* but turned out the Professor wanted to go out on V day so I had to babysit until midnight. Four little ones running around PLUS the teen and two of her friends = a VERY tired MSP!

Anyways, just venting and wanting to breathe and just about over it. Have to work again in two hours then homework gallor! Maybe he'll keep the kids tonight and I can catch up on the stuff I need to. *sniffle*

y'all have a wonderful today I'm gonna try a steam shower or something.

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I agre with Shaylon - airborne. Take it, lots of rest and liquids

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join me in my cold hell <br />
bruhahaha *cough* haha

Seriously take some "Airborne"! It will make you feel better if not give you a complete recovery. It helped me!

*Shakes head*.. yikes.. they won't take them in your condition, anyways! Phone in sick today and get some sorely needed rest :)

LMAO so does this mean I should cancel my appointment to donate platelets next week?

You really have to learn to say NO! and only take on what is **essential** and let yourself recuperate... you won't be able to do ANY of this from a hospital bed if you get pneumonia! Take care of yourself, girl... you can't take care of everyone/thing else until you take care of yourself First! (((Hugs)))

I have to work at noon... i wish though<br />
can't lay down though, can't breathe and chest hurts so bad... I can deal with sick but this ones kicking my backside

Take a snooze ASAP and recharge the batteries. You will thank me for this.

yeah i took about 7 pills in about 7 hours yesterday but nothings working at this point... need a BREAK but no time. it is what it is i guess<br />
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thank you

awwwww<br />
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