Crisis Is....

... the moment in time that growth and making profits stops in a huge part of the economical system.

... pouring out 15.000 liter of good milk over the EU building and his policemen, while people are hungry. Just because the milk is to cheap to sell.

... destroying coffee, apples and other food left overs, so prices can go up and people make more profit.

... a homeless man sleeping against an empty building that can't get sold cause people have no jobs to buy it.

... extreme right and left getting votes cause the normal parties have no answers to the irrational problems the capitalist system creates.

... the moment in time where people come to the constatation that a huge amount of their lifes and choices are linked to the economy.

... the rational choice of indivdual buyers and sellers on the market that creates a global irrational moment in time in which the poor suffer.

... destroying the excess commodities and means of productions so that "supply" and "demand" can get back to an equilibrium.

... the destruction of huge part of our progress (and sometimes our humanity), so that the economical system can get "healthy" again.

... the moment where it all get clear that not everyone can prosper in our economical model.

... the purest form of black commedy.

... human stupidity.

... madness.
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..Total madness and does not make economic sense,,, well common sense does not prevail in economics it seems.

Because of the European boycot against Russia that was established because of the case in ukrain (after the Airplane came down)... Russia decided not to buy certain products from Europe as a countermeasure.

One of the productes the russians refused to take in, where apples. The European Union (fearing an overproduction of apples which would pumbed the price) decided to pay farmers a small amount for their crops, if they didn't pick them.

Today a lot of apples are still rotting in the fields...
A bit of a tragedy. Governemental decision though... not the trully free market. The only reason why the apples don't get picked, is because of the barrier between product and consumer... which have to be crossed with money.

Since the poor that are hungry can't pay for the apples... they rather have them rot, then give them away... OR make long holding products (like Jam or applesauce) from the product. ... it's shamefull.

though here where I live a lot of basic products do come a bit cheaper since the Russia thing thinking potatoes and some long holding products (cans), was actually wondering the other day if they'll live another day to sell them or find a new business model/job

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