Why Being Fat....

All my life as a kid I always been heavy and showing off a belly. I can still recall the time that my grandmother told me that i better watch it or else i will get fat. I was thinking, ok you make home made donuts for breakfast and you make a really fattening lunch and you order pizza and give me my very own(i was 9) and gives me a gigantic bowl(2 helpings) of home made ice cream and she says that?

Well that is in the past. I thought at the time maybe having a belly could be alright but I was still only nine.

When i started 6th grade this event occurred and I was never the same. I was eating lunch with a good friend and these two girls who came by us( didn't even know who they were for i was new there) came by and said that I needed this as much as they did and was like cookies, and brownies and some other thing. I was like ha?

The real reason why i stay fat at first was because at the working place u have tons of mean and rude customers who bluntly come up to you and say YOU'RE FAT! What did u do eat the whole turkey already? You are lazy, u need get off of your ***!!

Some of you may know what the reaction to all those customers rude remarks...Restaraunt here i come. I would go to burger kind or jack in the box and just get food til the hurfness left me.

Now goin through site like Fantasy Feeder and here, I don't mind being this way. In fact i have ignored customers saying i need to lose weight. My only wish is that i had someone local here who would not mind taking care of me and letting me be what they want me to be. I guess that is just me. If i have to lose weight I will and I can do it because I have lots tons of weight in my 20 years of experience goin up and down on the scale.

Now its STRESS that makes me this way and the fact that I accept what i look like.
mainepurple1974 mainepurple1974
Apr 27, 2011