Nt Flng Gud Abt Smthng : A Bit Hpfl!!

Guyz m 17 year old dirl n i was in a relationship from last a year!!!
I knw dis cud b vry young age to do so bt i dnt knw wat happnd betwn us n i strtd loving a guy who was ma bst frnd!!!
All this stuff has been known to our families rcntly!!!
N nw he cnt stand by himslf n has strtd ignoring me badly!!!
I dnt wats goin on in his mind!!!
He has strtd smoking n all n is nt tlkin 2 me at all!!
i dnt knw y he is doing so bt...
1nc wen i tlkd 2 him abt his ignrnce he tld me dat he has chngd n if i can accpt him lyk dis den its k or else i shud leav him!!!we have nt tlkd 2 each oder 4rm last 3 mnths n i dnt knw wat to do!!!
Shd i accpt dat our rlationbship is over or shud i try 2 get him back!!!!
I dnt knw wats goin on in ma mind!!!
jst confusd!!!!
Also he had fights wid all his bst frndz n is alone nw!!!
His cmpny of frndz has been chngd to sum bad guyz!!!
He lvs stnts n all n is jst doin dat wid his bike!!!
what shud i do plzz help me as ma family is cmpltly against it n cant bear ma rlationship at al!!
So cnfsd abt family n him!!!
Plz help me as i hv no gud frndz 2 help me at dis!!!
ukti ukti
18-21, F
Jul 9, 2010