Actually a Couple of Them..........heehee!

 First one is ME! Yes, I said me. Did you know that I'm pretty awesome? Here is what I think of me....

  • I'm very caring & considerate
  • I don't like belittling, so I never do
  • I believe that if you love someone, you do everything you can to never ever hurt them.
  • I'm very protective of my family & my friends
  • If we become friends....Well, be ready because you'll probably have me for life.
  • I have pretty caramel brown eyes.
  • I have a belly laugh that will make you giggle.
  • I try to make everyone feel special.
  • If you get lost, I will do everything I can to help find you.
  • I'm obese.......But, it just means there's more of me to love.
  • I'll never cheat or degrade you. It's not me
  • I don't get angry very often....when I do, look out!
  • I love animals & will protect them with all I am.
  • I fall easily in love, but it always has staying power. Just ask my ex. ;-)
  • If I love you & you love me, I will do whatever I can to make you happy.
  • I'm loyal, & I adore kisses and hugs. Heehee!
  • Sometimes my *** laughs at the same time as I do. That can get you rollin' on the floor...Trust me
  • I am trustworthy, & I never tell secrets.
  • I don't gossip.........Unless it's really JUICY! Mahahaha!

Now see, aren't you practically in love with me too? LOL


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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Wow...we have a great deal in common, deleted.....mah sister from another mistah! LOL Great list!