I'm 386 5,4 and I'm still gaining!!!!i can't see my feet and my belly is huge cx
ssbbwloverfat ssbbwloverfat
26-30, F
10 Responses Aug 23, 2014

At that weight and height, you've gotta be at least 5 feet around!

xxx You sound gorgeous! :) xxx

How is your weight gain progress? Hope, you gained at least ten pounds during the weeks passed after you posted this update?
Keep posting aboutyour WG progress, please!


Awesome! Are you going to get to 400 soon? :-)

Sounds nice, how much have you gained so far?

You're gorgeous! Keep on doing what makes you happy.

Sounds awesome. Keep stuffing !

You are really big girl. Do you have a feeder to make you so fat?

Actually I tube feed but yeah sorta

Is tube feeding fun?

Awesome, hope you get huge