I Feel Im a Failure

I feel like im failing in life. Im 26 and still live at home with my parents. I would find my own place but i live in a really expensive area simply cannot afford my own place. The wages are crap here and the house prices are the highest in the country! The government does nothing to help and my finances are in shambles. I'm in debt too to the tune of £8000 with nothing to show for it. I know im the only person who can help me but i dont know how. The only way i think is too move away from my family and friends and im afraid i will become lonely and depressed if that happens. My relationships always fail and i always get hurt, should i be feeling like this? I am being too hard on myself? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

may want to look to work in another country. Try that out and see if you can survive on your own....A change in envionment can help and if you can work in another country and make it....you will feel much better about yourself....<br />
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I did this about 25 years ago and it was he best decision I ever made....<br />
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Remeber...if it doesn't work out you can always move back but at least you tried and you will feel good about that!

Just take it one step at a time. Life's all about finding it too hard, and trying to find a solution. You can always find a solution, but sometimes it takes a lot longer than we want it to. But don't worry, everything will eventually turn out as it's suppose to.

Have you tried to get a few of your friend to share a place with you? two three what ever you need to make it work. Good Luck