My "baby daddy" almost died today. I know I talk so much crap about him but the fact that his life was so close to slipping away makes me am emotional wreck. Idk how to feel. I didn't know I still cared this much. I don't think he ever truly loved me but I did love him and he'll always have a special place in my heart no matter how crappy he treated me at times and no matter what anyone else thinks. I'm glad he's ok and I'm also super glad that my baby girl is ok as she was alone with him when he was unconscious and not breathing. I have a restraining order on him and haven't talked to him for months. Idk what to do part of me just wants to hug him and hold him tight for one more night no matter who he's seeing now or what were arguing about. But that would bad for legal reasons ugh what to do what to do.
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You may think you hate someone or something up until the point where life shows you the reality of living without them, then it hits you hard.