Daddy Loves You And So Do I

I am engaged with my first baby on the way. Forgive me for the typos and lack of punctuation here as I'm using my smartphone (laptop is broke). I've been with an amazing man for nearly three years now. He proposed on my 21st birthday and it wasnt long after I got pregnant. I have a stepdaughter who is three and ive known her since before she was a year old. Watching her grow and learn has made me want a child of my own so bad. So many of my friends were getting married and having babies that it depressed me. My sd got to calling me mommy and that truly made my heart swell. My fiance wanted to wait but then his daughters mom got up our assess for her refering to me as mama bri even. I got sad. Stupid and selfish maybe cuz I'm not her mom but... Her mom left her with us for 3 months at a time and didn't care to call and see how her baby was. She moved out of town, married a *********, popped out his kid and never did her court papers or even bothered to show up at the custudy hearing! She complains about the situation but my SD can't be around her stepdad (level 3 sex offendor mind you) without her mother present per judges orders. We have her for 2 weeks and a weekend and she gets to see her mom every other weekend. I hear how she sleeps on the floor there and every time she comes home where she has her own room she regresses potty training and manners and is just snotty. I love her still though. :) it breaks my heart that woman has been so careless and now she's prego with pedophiles baby number two. The man can't get a job cuz of his background and her mom is always short of money jumping from job to job. I've been there and provided and gave this lil girl the choice to call me what she felt comfortable with. It's just a title many say... Well now im expecting a baby boy of my own. My stepdaughter is showing some signs of anxiety over her place in this household as she is the only child here. I have her help shop and spend as much time with her as i can and she recently began calling her mom mommy Jessica! I think its kind of funny but try to correct her on that. I am wondering how my son will react to her calling me by name as well as mama bri. It'll kill me no doubt should he say it but I'm assuring myself we have a bond. After all i dreamt of him for three months before i found out the gender. Im amazed. He introduced himself to me its like before god sent his soul to earth. Anywho I'm loving this new life and family. A little nervous but ive got three years of my SD prepping me for this and that love will only grow.
breathethestars breathethestars
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012