Pretzeled Out

Once upon a time, in a little city not too far away, I pretzeled myself day in and day out trying like hell to please him. I played Betty Crocker, and rewrote my character over and over, I even had a couple terrific children just to try to make him happy. 

Guess what? It did not work. It was noone's fault really just not everyone likes everyone. And sadly, he did not like me. He loved me. He treated me decently and worked hard to care for the family we made while we danced hopelessly out of step for decades. Somehow I was always stepping on his feet while he continually accused me of trying to lead the dance. All I wanted was a partner. I never meant to lead. I just wanted to move and breathe. I will not try mismatched dancing again. 

This is what I learned. In the end, I was more me than I started out to be. 
jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Now is that a Philly soft pretzel? Or a Snyder's hard pretzel?

It was a Jen Pretzel so soft and hard maybe - like an Auntie Anne pretzel - the ones covered in nuts