Start Off With 10

These are not in order...

1. Carey Elwes. He played "Wesley" from "The Princess Bride." 

2. Taylor Lautner. (I don't have to explain this one, lol.)

3. Justin Bieber. Hey, he's changed a lot sense he's turned 18. He don't look like such a little boy anymore, lol. ;D

4. David Henrie from "Wizards of Waverly Place."

5. James Maslow from "Big Time Rush."

6.  Alex Pettyfer from "Beastly." 

7. Nick Jonas 

8. Lucas Cruikshank. Youtube sensation "FRED."

9. James Franco. Harry from the Spiderman movies. 

10. Robert Pattinson. Edward obviously. He may not be as hot as Jacob but he breaks my heart. He's such a sweetheart to Bella.

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May 17, 2012