My boyfriend left for college on thursday. The first and second day were alright. We've always been really protective over eachother and get jealous when the other is around the opposite sex. I knew him going to college would be rough for us but I've been prepared for so long now i felt adjusted to the fact he would be going to parties and around girls. But these last few days hes seemed totally uninterested in talking to me, not picking up my calls not texting me for long periods of time (May i mention school has not even started yet so he has lots of time on his hands) it just seems like he doesnt really care. And on top of that his mom is not nice to me at all. And today his whole family (who lives down the street from me) went to visit him and did not invite me to go. My boyfriend did not question them at all why they didnt invite me. And he doesn't stand up for me when his mom talks **** about me. Im so sad and pissed off right now i dont know what to do.
Rachelmtate Rachelmtate
18-21, F
Aug 24, 2014