I Am On Getting Out Of Here And Start A Life Of Travel.

So here's my future story. The middle of spring next year I am planning on selling everything I have and just leave. I don't want to look back, I am not going to tell anyone. I am tired of just trying to get by. Work is over rated. I want to be free and camp every where. I really don't care what happens on this life journey. If something happens then at least I'll be doing something awesome! I am really hoping to find people on here that would want to join me. I am not a person to be afraid of. If you have nothing to do and your bored/tired like me then please consider it. I wont deny anyone. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for reading.
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I've been thinking of doing something similar recently. Just packing up and traveling the world...

Well if you do. Come pick me up. I'll tag along. It would be cool to travel with a foreigner! Especially an Australian!

:) yeah would be cool to travel with someone else in some ways...

It would get a little lonely by yourself so why not.

very true :)

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Man, this is like my life's dream. It's why I played in punk bands. I never really wanted to be really famous - just enough where we could live on the road. Making just enough in each town to pay for gas to the next show. Unfortunately, my band mates always flaked out and the bands fell apart. <br />
<br />
Where were you before I enrolled in school and my health went to hell? If they figure out what the F* is wrong with me, I'll definitely ride. :)

Since I'm twice your age, I know that I should tell you to reconsider, ask if you're running away from something, but when I was your age, I REALLY wanted to do the same thing. I always regretted it. I'm glad you're giving yourself time to get your affairs in order and recognize the realities, impact & dangers of this choice. Regardless, I wish you well and be safe if you still choose to leave.

Worse case scenario, I get killed. But honestly, I really don't care if I die or not. It's bound to happen at some point. I'm running from a repetitive life style. Thank you.