Art Makes Me Happy

So Im going to talk to you about art. How today I had a blissful lesson with my 'special' class who really are a bunch of sweethearts despite what everyone else thinks.

We talked about Picasso's Weeping Woman and the story behind it and how it links to Gurnecca(sorry if it's spelt wrong). We even did self portraits in a Picasso style to show some kind of emotion. Even though most of them did just copy his, they were amazing.

I then had my study lesson where for an hour and a half I babysit Jack who has dropped art and therefore needs babysitting instead of going to his lessons. I make him draw. He has done more work in the last half term than in an entire year. Im secretly going to enter him for the exam. Today we drew the library. I love technical drawing. All straight lines and sharp angles. I spent two years drawing cubes freehand in Graphics when I was in school. I can now draw the perfect cube and ellipse freehand.

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5 Responses Oct 22, 2008

bravo moomouse bravo!

"I can now draw the perfect cube and ellipse freehand."<br />
<br />
Impressive.<br />
Wishing my skills were better....

I tried that once madison, spelled it so wrong that it sounded like a swear word.

I can colour too, the lines freak me out sometimes, but hey, I colour over them if they get in my way. hiehiehie

I can draw stick people, that's art too isn't it? :)