An Open Letter To You.

I came to Ep two years ago, and whatever anyone says, it's changed a lot since then. The only way I can describe it as is there is no soul here. Which is strange as it's a virtual world..anywho... If you can find them, dig out the old members and read their stories, the comments and exchanges between the community. This place was once a community of some sorts, believe it or not.

There were no emails going round saying who is whoever, or don't talk to so and so because whatever. We just got on with our own things and any drama was soon extingueshed within a few days. This current set of crap has been going on for months. Through stories, hate groups and even on the Q&A board.

Yet it's always the same people, who never seem to stop. Who write holier than thou posts etc.. and within those they say how theyre sick of it all. If you are, then why carry on. Im at the moment boiling my own kettle black, but I am sick of watching what's going on.

If you are going to say something about someone, don't contradict yourself. Don't get your facts confused and don't get your emotions get in the way. Take a step away from your computer screen and breathe. We all know by now that whatever is said about me, I laugh off. I've been through my stuff, and by all means, you can tell me my baby deserved to die to, because it won't affect me. You can tell me I'm fat, call me a ***** and the rest of it, because it doesn't matter. You are no one to me.

Just stop what you are doing. Think about what you are gaining out of it. Another 'drama' story that makes you look like a crazy hysterical person, when the reality is, you're probably quite sane and have something interesting to say. Write about your interests, you future, not about what person has twisted your knickers.

When the only reason you can block me is because I am friends with someone else, or I won't join in a witch hunt for you, take a look at yourself and see what you have become. A rather immature excuse for an 'adult'.

MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
26-30, F
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Thanks honey x

? i think EP is an awesome place, i havent ran into any trouble makers or racists or haters or anything like that. i enjoy visiting the site reading peoples stories and posting my own. everyone who ive talked to has been really nice and we've shared honest opinions. only positive experiences for me

Thank you, I know you went through something similar to that of what I went through and feel your frustrations completely.<br />
<br />
It's a very select few that just grate against my teeth and who have made it so.


There's a few of you, that's all, what else is written is crap

I hear you. It is nothing other than a sparkly piece of crap with the odd gem dropped in.

No, it's called being human and needing interaction

Yes, as long as I can snap yours back

Honey, you can twist them anytime <br />
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Marji, that's the sad thing though, that we can no longer joke around as we once did, in fear of someone taking it the wrong way. I love my pm's but most have my email addy now, what's the point of being here<br />
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