Keeping It Alive

Having been married a lot of years it's tricky to keep things alive and interesting. Fortunately we've been able to do this with a range of things. From traveling and working all around the world to sharing interests in all sorts of things, but that doesn't help the intimacy. That's where the real challenge is when there's differing libido drives. But that's where we've worked hard to make things fun and interesting. I love my wife's body and she enjoys teasing guys with it. If you check some of our pictures you'll understand what I mean. So over the years it's led to all sorts of flashing to me and others in public. Then there's the use of toys to add pleasure and find out whether size really matters. And believe me we discovered that whilst she has taken some huge *****'s, she does find things too big on occasions. So there's a happy medium and whilst I'm only just above average, she loves it when I use a nice fat ***** with various vibration settings.
Then there's sensual and sexual massage that really turns her on and over the years her climaxes have got louder and louder as she's become less inhibited in everything we do.
It took a while, but we eventually found she enjoyed anal sex as well and this led to a whole new set of feelings to explore.
The one thing we've found is that there is just so much to enjoy on the sex and intimacy front that there really shouldn't be any chance of getting bored.
Hope you find the same!!

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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I have found as I have aged with my partner we have enjoyed each other so much more and become far less inhibited sexually......It is wonderful keeping the love alive and kicking.

Great write up, very helpful to hear someone else has gone through and overcame the challenge of trying to keep each other interested, it gives the rest of us hope.