Everything In Its Right Place.

I bought about half a dozen albums a couple of years ago, when I was kind of in a dark place.

At the time, I'd told myself that I just wanted to be surrounded by really good music for a few days, but really, I think I just wanted some answers.

At first, I just listened to each song quickly, to try and get a feel for the melody and meanings, but then I was truly engulfed by everything.  I couldn't understand how it felt as though I shared an affinity with such people, through just listening to a fraction of their worlds.

The lyrics weren't just stupid words that rhymed, they had meaning and depth and purpose, and I've been searching for those three things for my whole life.


" But the record won't stop skipping, and the lies just won't stop slipping, and besides, my reputation's on the line. We can fake it for the airways, force our smiles, baby, half dead, from comparing myself to everyone else around me.

Please put the doctor on the phone, 'cause I'm not making any sense; blame anyone but me for this mess. And my back has been breaking, from this heavy heart, and we've never seemed so far. I'm hopelessly hopeful you're just hopeless enough, but we've never had it at all."               

                         -Fall Out Boy, 'I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)'


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4 Responses Feb 6, 2009

It's on 'From Under The Cork Tree' -- a really good album<br />
-domitilla :)

The music is something that is important to all of us even if we don't know it ourselves. It's fact that listening to music we enjoy is good for our health, while listening to music we dislike can shorten our life spans. But our physical health is not only improved, so if our mental health. The lyrics can speak out, like a deep novel or poem, and you can sink into that, feeling a range of emotions, love, despair, truth, knowledge, happiness, longing, the list is endless.

Yeah, me, too - I'm goin to see them in a few months. I think I prefer 'Take This To Your Grave' as an album than 'From Under The Cork Tree', though. I think I'm more of a Patrick Stump kind of girl...

I have heard that song before. There music is pretty awesome. I love Fall Out Boy. Especially Pete Wentz!