How civilised!

The water is piping hot and I've invited a few old companions.

First at the door(rapping loudly)is my old companion-FEAR.Hi old pal-have a seat,have a cuppa...would you like some honey?

oh,of course not ya crazy ****!hey,I like that vest,very snazzy.Yes,extra cream is fine with me- thank you.We'll catch up on old times,but first I must answer the door and admit our old companion-ANGER! how's it been,amigo,pull up an ottoman and some fresh ginger.Oh,I'm having mint medley,thanks.

Yes,I missed you too-we lost touch after a long and fruitful relationship,how ya been? oooh,I know it's too hot,just give it a minute,give it an icy stare as well,that oughtta help.You could toss the fine china against the wall if you'd prefer-wouldn't be the first time,n'est pas?

And yes,now it's time to admit Jealousy,her presence has been missed also...Lemon tea with Mugwort,right?Hey those contact lenses are very becoming-green always did suit you.Yesss,I KNOW!Whassername had some nerve!and to think she thought those shoes went with that handbag-what was she thinking?!?yeah,I noticed the glance from across the table~sheesh!

oh of course!pass the girl-scout cookies,those always brighten a social engagement the likes of this-I'll have cucumber sandwitches ready in a jiffy and then we can really get down to buisness-I'm expecting other honored guests as well...

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my paranioa will acompany

i was gunna name mysefl the mad hatter! i could have been the leader of this so called "tea party!

at this little party she'd better learn...I'm just finding it refreshing to share nibbles and laughter with my favorite demons rahhhther than allways battling them...nothing says "time out"like a nice warm cuppa tea.Nana taught me that.

Can she withstand the catty comments from some of the other attendees?

If tea be the drink of love, I'll have a cup!<br />
<br />

I think Angst would like to come. And Angst's cousin, Free-floating anxiety. She is wearing a lovely dress. Obsessive worry always comes to my tea parties. ;-)

anyone who cares to take tea with fear,insanity and righteous anger can participate...humanising our demons and shring laughter is the the theme here(I hope)

do you want me to join? i wouldddd..if you want me too (: