after my dad got married i got two step bothers ( whos names in this i will change) the older one i'll call jacob and the and younger one cole ( who is still older than me )  jacob moved out , but now we have cole who had a autoammue sickness when he was 7 and to relearn everything i wasn't around for this i met him when i was 10. so now its like he has just turned 11( he really is 15) and  is in the stage where every thing is the funniest thing in the world and everyone tells me i am mature for my age but the stuff he does makes me wanna punch him in the face. not to long ago we were in the car driveing down the road and he farts, which is funny when you are like 6, but he would not stop laughing it wasn't the quiet, sneky ha -ha , it was the loud unruliey laughter then he felt like he had to yell and  interupt just to be heard . it really doesn't sound that bad but you had be there its like one of the things you get in kinder garden " pick what doesn't belong"  an an apple a raspberry or a glowstick .... cloe is the glow stick.

boston1994 boston1994
13-15, F
Mar 5, 2010