Hemophobic Blood Donator

I.have suffered from hemophobia for about 5 years now. I remember doing disections in Biology and when the scalpel entered the heart and blood seeped out, I started feeling hot and then hit the deck. since then I have been known to faint because a friend got a papercut anyhow, being catholic, I decided I wanted to give blood because loosing half an hour of my life to unconsciousness is nothing compared to someone losing their entire life to death because I was too selfish to donate. So Yesterday was my time. I already passed out because my friend had a nosebleed. So I went, and yeah I did collapse a few times (13) after the day was out, but when I woke up I felt amazing because I had saved a life. the moral is of I can do it, with my history of the phobia then so can you :) xxxx
lizzyka lizzyka
May 24, 2012