I seriously love Marilyn Monroe and think her death was a cover up for sure.
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You are not alone, the Kennedys still have the power to hide their sins.

I'm such a conspiracy nerd. I love history and all of that.

she was such an icon............

I think her name Marilyn Monroe was a cover-up I think her death was unfortunate

Are all wives insane?

For the most part 😉

Then what about girlfriends?

Oh they're even more so insane lol

Yea yea - I don't care.

Who has the highest chance of action?

Probably a girlfriend just because most of those don't have excuses like kids.

The best part is turning that into an excuse!!! Lol

It is truly masterful.

What? That's true talent. Lol

Even better - an excuse for 1,500 days !!!

Ha ha ha ha

Even at my age, I could have had sex at least 3 or 4 times in 1,500 days - lol lol lol


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