You Love, Hurt And Hate At The Same Time.

There are many of us out here seem hurt but in many different ways. Abuse in many ways, but yet find a way to still love, hurt and  hate our so call family the seem time. Like mother use to beat my sister, brother and me but my brother and I got beat the most my sis would lie say we do her something. Ok beside the beating you would be mad but nevertheless something happens to mom you would feel hurt for her. Were i from the law don't lock up for beating their kids and if you beat a child so so so bad they just take them away from you.
                     I remember I just came out the tub wet my mom came in the bathroom and start beating me I was 16years old. She stand there beating me with a big hard beat and say oh you aint ga cry, and I stand there taking every hit she give me and just looking at her but puting my hand over my face so she doesn't hit me in it. I still didn't cry but in my heart I said I am older now why cry she mightest well kill me if that's what she want just kill me and she wouldn't have to ever she or hit me again. I went to my classes that day painfull and thinking I have to get the hell out from around this woman.
                                  So the next week I take a few stuff of my own and went by my aunt my dad sister. After about 4 months or so my mom say I mightest well come home, I foolishly went. One of my aunt that live there would do bad thing to us and sometimes lie on us but I would never answer back I just take it all in and go in my bed were I cry out to God in my heart alot wasn't no one I could of talk to. I could reach my dad like I wanted to he live on the next island. My mom told me if I be telling my dad things she would kill me with the beating. WHO THE HELL ARE THINGS PEOPLE WE CALL FAMILY. They bring us here and then wanna kill us to. 
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31-35, F
Oct 27, 2011