frozen flakes of ice swirl to the ground
i am in that place
that is not a place
it's between the living and the dead
the ripping pain
the scarlet red of my blood covers the ground
the angels weep and the demons cheer
my wolf guards me and wakens me
he licks the salted tears
my heart is almost gone spilt open by loss of so much
the thoughts are there and then gone  .. where did they go
i fight to stay awake
MICAH..the cloaked one calls me to the shadow lands.. he calls me forth
my heart so still.. just a sigh in the night
i lay back down
will tonight be that time when i can finally be released from the agony
released to the sun.. the shining city and the love of my mother
or will i fight the demon micah again? will he once again torment me with the images of her death and then show me the blood spilled by those he calls his brothers
I will have to fight him till my last breathe
till i no longer can raise my head and my wolf ushers me to that place of eternal love
but now.. in this place that is not really of time and space i hurt so deeply
I mourn the loss
the blood spills forth from my soul
i am alone and no one can reach me
i alone must fight through this
i am so tired of the cold.. the dark..
i long for the warmth of sun..of the love that is waiting.
but i will stay and fight for all those who are kindred with what i once was.
all those that i have loved or would have ever loved.
i protect those and shall always protect them
even as i hurt so deeply
i  will never take my life
but when the fight is done
the evil has made its way through this flesh and body
made its mark  on me like it has so many innocent people
then i will lay down my sword and follow my brothers and sisters to the land of warmth and love and healing.
even as i lay here so hurt
deeply hurting
each breath a challenge
each day a battle
i will never surrender
moonstar312 moonstar312
41-45, F
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Very moving hugs!

thank you sweetone ♥

So beautiful!! Just as the person who wrote it - my angel here on earth ((hugs))

awww i love you my ANGEL ♥♥♥ warm hugs and love