Girl Relationships..

First off, I'm a girl.. and I've always had issues with my mom and sister..

I guess in having these issues with them, has made it harder for me to have sustainable relationships with other girls. It really sucks not having friends that are girls.. There is a lot to benefit out of it.. I think.. Like doing girly stuff?! Haha..

Well, me and my mom just don't think the same way. We have opposite opinions on everything. She likes to hand out money to my nieces, whereas I'd rather just try and make them laugh. She's into Ipods and smartphones, I just need to be able to call someone. She likes to get mad for no reason.. .. the list goes on and on..

And my sister. When we were younger we had a great, or at least normal relationship. When she was about 19, she decided to run away with her boyfriend and get married (whom she recently just had a not so pleasant divorce).. Her running away made me bitter and mad. I hated that she made that decision, and in that, I guess just made me dislike her...

I've gotten over it, and I've been trying to get back in touch with her, but it's so hard. We aren't the same, but we aren't opposites either. It just hurts me when it feels like she isn't trying to get along with me sometimes.. ...

Guys make great friends don't get me wrong. My dad, brother, boyfriend, are all awesome. Even all my pets are male! Hahaa. Except my tarantula. But she can't help but be with me lol..

I'm not weird or crazy at all, I swear. And I'm pretty sure I'm not annoying or anything.. I used to have friends that were girls but one ended up being a ***** and the other just didn't care about the relationship as much as I did. I hate not having girl friends. I feel left out.

I'm able to make girls at school laugh all the time, or at least get them to smile, that means something. And my nieces seem to like me a lot. :)

I can only hope and keep trying I guess.
redchevelle redchevelle
26-30, F
Nov 30, 2012