I am happy i can finally get this off my chest ive been holding this in for years, well my story begins with me going every summer to my aunt house in sumpter south carolina me and a few of my cousins girls and boys go and stay on my aunt and uncle farm during the summer most of us lives in different cities and looked forward to going to hangout and play with eachother and the animals well i was about 11 and my cousin he was about 13 we use to play together all the time but for some reason he was different a little distant acted like he was to grown to climb trees or play when he did play he would accidently touch parts on us he had no business touching so we stopped playing with him,on our last night our family had a big bbq to end the summer when it got late the kids went to bed some of the grownups decided they were going out and lefted one of my cousins in charge when she went to sleep i guess that gave that muthafucker his chance because while i was asleep i awoke from a stinging pain in my virgina when i opened my eyes he had his big body on top of me so tight i couldnt breathe he had his big **** in me i was bleeding i couldnt scream i was in so much pain all i could do is cry it seemed as if it took forever for it to be over after he came he pulled out so fast i throught he ripped my insides he told me if i told anyone it would hurt the family so i didnt i could barely walk to the bathroom when i went in i ran the tub water and sat in my cousin ask me what i was doing and if i were alright and i said yes it took everything i had to not let her hear me cry when i sat in the water it burned so bad i stood in there for bout a hr i felted dirty and was trying to get clean again but the more i scubbed the more i still melted like him, when morning came i told my grandmother i was ready to go home i couldnt eat and didnt sleep the rest of the night throught he would come back while the grownups was still gone,when my grandmother notice how i was walking i lied and said i fell, when we was packed and leaving everybody gave hugs when he tried i tried to pull away but had to play it off he said i will see you next summer well i never went back everytime i was asked did i wanna go i said no and joined every summer sport so i wouldnt have to go, the last time i seen him was 20yrs ago in person and last month on my cousins fb pictures i throught he would be dead by now but no with my luck when i saw his face on my cousins profile i almost threw up i guess iam not over it like i throught ive been married for years and never told my husband dont think i ever well this is my first time iam sharing thank you so much
serenity1234 serenity1234
46-50, F
Jan 29, 2013