So tired of people saying they are here for me and when it comes down to it everyone runs away. I mean am I so ****** up I scare you away! I hate people. Im so tired of being alone. Its like no one really cares till it is to late.
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I know what you mean. You want others to help you but there always comes a point where they run away. I feel like I am very messed up. I would really like to talk to people who feel the same. Not so that we could agree with each other but so we can maybe help each other. I know it sounds stupid but I feel like I am on my last resort.

Why do u think this? Check the facts only...

Why do you keep commenting sounding like an *******?

I am trying to help!

How being sarcastic?

I guess I should check the facts.

It's the way you come off. You have no tact in how you're responding and to me you sound like a ****.

I say check facts because it is DBT technique

I know I've been through a lot of therapy. It's good to hear it but maybe you should warn people why you say thing things you say instead of just blurting out comments that can be seen as hurtful.


I am sorry :)

He clearly isn't trying to help from what he is writing pm me if you want a chat. Mark x

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Hey if you want to talk message me. X

Quit trying to scare them!!!!

I'm not trying to scare anyone. :(

No your not!!

You do it to ensure people do run!

Why do you say that?