I had an incident last night, where I got on the bus. I had JUST got on the bus, & the bus was crowded. I'm a person with a disability. I can walk fine. I just can't stand for too long. I was looking for a seat, & a hard, manly lesbian yelled @ me, saying that I had my "***" in her son's face. I didn't know what she was saying because I have to have my ears covered, using earphones all the time to block out noise because of my hypersensitive ear condition. So, I took off my earphones to hear what she said, & she angrily got in my face & yelled @ me & rough handled me & pushed me into 2 people sitting down, & she kept touching on me, saying, "Are you slow? Are you retarded? Lord, please forgive me@ This lady is slow!" So, it had nothing to do with any butt being in anyone's face. She just wanted to prey on a "retarded" person who couldn't defend herself (myself). I didn't even realize my butt was in anyone's face. I was trying to find a seat.

& the bus driver made a threat to put us off the bus & said she was about to get off of work. We weren't going back & forth. I didn't fuss or fight back. I just told her that she didn't have a right to put her hands on me, & that she should get her hands off of me.

This happened just before 8:00 PM @ night. & all this happened so quickly. & the bus driver changed drivers, while the gay lady got off with her son. & I told the 2nd bus driver what happened, & she said there was nothing she could do since she wasn't there, & she told me to call the bus company, but I don't have a phone.

They have cameras. Please don't tell me there's nothing that can be done, & that I have to take that up with the police.

I remember in 2012, I was bullied by gang members on a train, & they were spitting sunflower seed shells on me for no reason & making threats @ me, & as soon as I got off the train, I reported it to the employees, & they told me that there was nothing they could do, & that I had to take that up with the Sheriffs & LAPD.


But back to last night, I tried to fight back tears, & the next door neighbor yelled @ me for crying & screaming & having a Tourette's episode. & she kept DEMANDING that I tell her what happened, & when I told her what happened, she said, "Big deal! People get pushed on the bus all the time. & You need to let that go, etc." & this next door neighbor is a bully, her DAMN self, & has NERVE to call herself a Saved "Christian!" This wasn't just your average "pushing & shoving".

The hardcore man-dyke rough-handled & knocked me into 2 other people. & " I " almost got kicked off. If I was assaulted, why should I have to be kicked off the bus, & the trip part about it was that the dyke got off the very next stop after I got on. & that's where they changed drivers.

My other neighbor, 2 doors down, told me that I have the right to "Defend myself in the Name of Jesus & resist the devil" & told me that that ain't nothing but the devil.

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What a birch hope you ok x

That was meant to be *****. I hate rude people