In a very passionate relationship, however we both have different ideas about some things & we handle situations very differently. Lately our fights are getting worse & over silly things. My partner's patience level has not been good. I feel like he could snap at any second. He's belittleing me & calling me names when we fight; he says he just fustrated & doesn't mean it. If I did or said the things he does, he'd tell me to hit the road. The only way we make up is if I make the first move & usually I'm crying & very upset, as I feel that we are done, which causes me to be insecure about us & he thinks that's crazy& says he won't tolerate it. Says he's never loved anyone like me. I love him so much but starting to feel like it's a verbal abusive relationship.
Leahheart Leahheart
46-50, F
Aug 28, 2014