How I Got My Heart Broken

heres the story of how i got my heart broken...there was this girl name daja and i had known her since the 4th grade and we really didnt know eachother that well until we started talkin.everyday when we got on the bus to go to school nobody would save her a seat so i would and we would talk sometimes and then sometimes we wouldnt say anything.. so one day when she had got on the bus we had talked for a little bit then what really surprised me is when she put her head on my shoulder,and i had looked for a minet and then i just started playing with her hair and thats when she had looked up and smiled at me... so that friday night i was at the roller rink and i had saw her there and she came over to me and we started talkin and i had asked her for her phine number and she had gave it to me,by then i had told her how i felt anout her and she said the same thing. when i had got home tht night i had called her and i told her tht i wanted to be more than friends and she had said the same thin so we started going out...the following week we had went to the fair and she was like whats wrong and i was like theres nothing wrong and she said are you sure and i was like yes,and then the part tht really got to me is when we got back home she had called me and she was like i just think that we need a break and mabey we rushed us but for now lets just be friends.. thats when she broke my heart and till this day i still think about it and it kills me everytime
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2010

awwww that made me tear up and almost cry omg that was so sweet and cute and i just wish i could have made you guys relationship last forever and you guys get married and have kids. At least it isnt a horrible memory that you have, nice story btw

I really loved this. Made me tear up cause I know how you feel.