This Is What Im Dealing With And I Dont Know What To Do?

I have been with my fiancee for 3 1/2 years and we have 2 kids together (The oldest is Andrea which is 2 1/2, and the youngest Cody which just turned a year this month.). Our problems have been starting ever since i got pregnant with andrea cause i never wanted to have sex. So after having her the dr messed me all up down there in that region. So for about 15 months we barely had sex and i would be ok one minute and the bam pissed off the next and he wouldnt have to do nething. So then when we found out i was pregnant with cody we still wasnt having sex and my mood swings were getting worse. I just figured it was cuz of the pregnancy. and when i had cody i had to have him by c-section and i got my tubes tied and a revised epesotomy. So lets just say my dr made it better A LOT better. But now i still get the mood swings and they come more often now then they were before and now im having very bad migraines. I dont want him to touch me at all cuz im so mad at him. Also i want to know if this is true and y i feel like this, Im not attractive to him nemore cuz he is very controlling and he is very mean to andrea and cody. Especially to cody cuz hes a boy and he thinks he has to tuffin him up early so he (and i quote) "doesnt turn out into a ***** cuz the rate hes going with how im rraising him he will be a *****. There is a whole lot more to my story but cant write down right now. But i need some answers on what to do or where to go. And therapy is out of the question cuz he will not go to one EVER.
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Kick your partner out for a while and let him see what he really has got. The only one who has the problem here is your man. He needs to sort his head out.

But back to you, are you sure you're not suffering with post natal depression? A lot of people believe post natal depression only happens within the first 8 weeks of having a baby, but if it goes undiagnosed, it can last a life time.