Thoughts .

Is it normal to be scared to take birth control not feeling in control of your body . It scares me still just thinking that if I get back on it what I want the most in this world will never happen . Is it all in my head ? I feel so emotional idk if its just adjusting to a new places that is making me emotional or that I can't seem to find a job yet or that I feel like I'm doin nothing with my life . Maybe it's all those times my mother told me that I'm doing nothing with my life are starting to effect me . I just feel an emotional wreck . What do I do ? My boyfriend just thinks I'm dramatic .... How can I express to him what I'm feeling inside .... The burden I have.... Is it odd that with making love I feel like all my worries go away and I just feelin a different world ... Is it normal for a man not to want sex everyday .... Does it make me a sex addict for wantin it everyday ?
Jimena123 Jimena123
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012