10 More Days

...until the second "Judgment Day" arrives for my incredibly strong boyfriend who is detained by Immigration at Sacramento County Jail and facing deportation to Colombia.

So basically what happened on January 16th, the judge was ready to release my love! But the DA said hell to the no, and asked the judge for at least 6 months for the DA to complete the necessary paperwork that would absolutely deport him. Well, something miraculous happened. The judge said he would give the DA only two weeks, making it virtually impossible for the DA to deport my love.


However, he (my boyfriend) will not acknowledge the strong possibility that he will be able to stay in the United States and make beautiful little babies with me yet. Which is OK with me, I let him cope and deal with this situation in his own way. But this is AMAZING news for me, his mother, family, and our future together. 

I originally found EP because I was trying to find women that were in a similar situation, but I have yet to find anyone else in a relationship with an incarcerated individual. Fortunately, most of you have been supportive and have helped me deal with this terrifying experience in more ways than one.  And I thank you for that. 
ColombianaQueen ColombianaQueen
26-30, F
Jan 22, 2013