The Other Woman

I have a friend that ive become very close with. She is straight and I am gay. I am in a rocky relationship of 13 years with a woman. I recently told her that I have deep feelings for her. She has always said she understands and respects my lifestyle but she has never been interested in this lifestyle. She also said she can never say never because you never know what will happen. She has accepted gifts from me from Victorias Secret such as panties, etc. and I support her financially. Is that normal for a straight woman. Does this mean she may be interested but scared? Sometimes when we talk or text she calls my her BOO. We talk everyday as she calls me on a regular. I think about her CONSTANTLY and I so want to be intimate with her. Is she trying to confuse me or what? What does this mean? Am I hoping for something that will never be?
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2011

This happens to me all the time. Right now it's my ex-boyfriend's ex... she added me as her partner on FB to wind him up but I really like her :( It's not a joke to me.

This is tough. Everyone likes to feel desired and it sounds like she's just reaping the benefits of your friendship together without being willing to see things from your point of view and understand how it's affecting you. I think if you are two are that close, you should put your feelings on the line and tell her what she's doing to you is confusing and you'd like things between you to be more than what they are. If she still doesn't feel that way about you, if I were you I'd back off a little bit. Keep her friendship but try not to let yourself get too absorbed in it. You'll just end up driving yourself crazy.