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Wow I Even Surpirse Myself

Ok im in love with many charecters. I love Marshall Mann from in plain sight, Auggie and Jai from Covert affairs, Detective Munn from SVU (yes i find him sexy)Chester Lake, Morgan and Reid from criminal minds, McCoy from law and order, Mcgee from NCIS........ i could go on and on
Silent20 Silent20 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 13, 2012

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Do you regularly watch covert affairs? Because I just watched this weeks episode and can't find anybody to talk to it about! I love that show, especially Auggie!

I missed it cause i had class pretty late and my roommate wouldn change the channal >=/

Aww that sucks. It was one of the best in a while I think

well what happend

Do you really want to know? I don't want to spoil it in case you get to watch it

no no tell me. =D

Haha ok, I'll message you though, it might be long

ok =)

Ok I messages you!

thanks i read it. and WOOOOOOOW thats..... thats just wow

I know right!?!?!? And the previews for next time look amazing too!! The Lena thing shocked me. Do you want Annie and Auggie to be together?

hell yes i do. i love auggie and i wanted them to be together since the begining

Me too!!!!! Well the next episode is very Auggie and Annie related. He opens up to her and she has dreams while she's in a coma about them together.

awesome i cant wait

Neither can I, looks awesome!!

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