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Searching for Love is like walking through the Sahara Desert, You quench for what is hard to find and if not found, alone you'll die. falling in Love seems to be a great mystery within a labyrinthine, you know your way in but in the middle its gets harder so finding a way out feels impossible. I have a very pessimistic view on "love" that which is seen by two people "loving" one another.
I joined this group cause I really relate with the name of this group. I am in love with the moon! I look up to it, I have no need to ask it anything, I admire it and its beauty will never fade in my mind (like a new moon would come along..) When it leaves, I know it will come back, and every time it does, I welcome it. My mother told me when I was a little girl that the moon only glowed because of all the lovers in the world look up to it, silly I know. :) I choose to love something far outside of my reach. I'm not asking for it to love me back, I just feel the love within myself.
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

That's interesting to know, if you send me some references ill surely look up the story and read them. :)

You could do a lot worse than loving the sun or moon, the two most worshiped entities in history. It sounds like you would enjoy some Native American creation myths about the sun and moon, many are romantic.

:) ♥ I ever wish human lovers were more like the moon sometimes.