Still Way In Love.

               I'm still head over heels in love with Brittney.  It's taken time to negotiate my fears, accept that nothing's a sure thing, and live in the moment not some fairy tale happy ending that I create in my head.  She love's me, but isn't in love with me, and that's ok. I know the kind of person I am, the man I'm capable of being and work at being there for her, setting aside my petty & selfish wants and needs as best I can. She can be tough on me sometimes,  but then she'll do something in expression of her love that makes me feel like a million bucks. I had a rough stretch in life that seems to (finally) have been worth the pain and frustration. I can only continue to heal past wounds, BE ME and hope for the best. No not hope, KNOW that everything's going to be just the way it's supposed to be. And that Love will be a part of it. (Not too sappy ?)

johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Feb 28, 2010