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Fuzzy Thinking

I have no inspirations to genius.  I do the hell could he have been right about everything?!  He had no technology at all, only math and insight.    And, apparently, very cozy tootsies.   : )

LilAnnie LilAnnie 56-60, F 3 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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The only things Einstein needed to develop his impressive theories were a chalkboard and his imagination.

It's remarkable. I hate to have a one track mind here, but I do wonder if he had the same insight into a woman's body. You know what I mean? Think about it. I just imagine he was a fantastic lover.

Hahaha!! I'm pretty sure he did have the same insights.... At least history says so! However, I feel that he made a mistake in marrying - both times (he regretted it himself). Minds like his are best suited for deep scientific research, not for domestic demands.
"I am a horse for a single harness, not cut out for tandem or teamwork....". --- Get it? ;o)

He was so clever he even knew that his theory of relativity fell down when applied to the physics of protons. Apparently they defy the laws of relativity that apply to everything that is larger.
He admitted this, and confessed that he didn't understand why.
He said he would have to leave that particular anomoly to be resolved by future generations of physicists.
Clever man.

Is it true that he had a way with the ladies?

Rumour has it that he was a "Horn dog". heheheee

I have no idea why, but that makes me glad. : )

The idea of scientific input, perhaps????????

Ha! I don't know where he put it, I'm just glad he had a good time.

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Fabulous photo, Annie.
Someone once told me, Einstein always wore the same simple clothes. He believed that choosing an outfit or colors was a complete waste of brain.

He certainly didn't waste his! I bet comfort in his clothing was a consideration to him, his expressions usually look so pleasant.

Well, I am certainly feeling pleasant I my jammies and fuzzy slippers today. I think I will not waste any brain on getting dressed today.