What Do You Think About?

I try to convince my wife to make me a black skirt for a winter outing. To be worn with black knee high socks. Knees exposed. What do you think about?
bareknee bareknee
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5 Responses Sep 5, 2012

hi ! did your wfe make it for you ! hope so ! she must be pretty understanding !

Suddenly, I have a skirt!

Fabulous sweetie

:Guy in skirt and knee socks? Lol :)<br />
Lacy underwear?

Thank you for your encouragement. I want a black skirt that will be a little above the knee, which I will wear during the fall and winter, with knee socks strictly. Would you help me suggestions? What to wear with a skirt?<br />
Maybe later I will wear knee socks in various colors.<br />
Thanks again!