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Seeing It

Andrej, is inspirational to me, and hopefully to others because he totally smashes the "man in a dress" sigma like a firework. I can't believe that anyone can look at him and not see it His beauty is a new image for "certain feminine males" and it's an image that is glamorous and beautiful at minimum! Soooo different that it is soooo alluring! I'm hoping the he, and the other male/female models can and will create a new awareness of the soft romantic beauty that is humanity and which some males are quite capable of pulling off in compliment to themselves and their persona. Embracing femininity, doesn't make you weak and doesn't lesson the ability for the human race to survive. It allows feminine males to exist and lets equality really surface.
MrsJoanieBNH MrsJoanieBNH 56-60, T 2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Very well said Joanie! We may be feminine but by no means are we weak!

There has been a 30 year study being done by (who knows the authority) that says that women are distractions on the battle field. I contend that is because and only because of our chauvinistic society! Ask the Israeli army what they think. I say! (In Israel you are constricted into the armed (all citizens must serve) services regardless of your sex and you are expected to preform equally.)

That is such a nice way to put it. I agree with you completely.

Thanks TM it has to be! I mean it's the only and simplest why anyone can see it.