Troubled Times

When I was young I knew I was different. Unfortunately, in those years we had to fit into a mold so we could be slotted into a pigeon hole. This mold determined  many things including what games we were allowed to play, what friends we were allowed, how we were to act and many other things.I had a troubled youth. Many times the mold was broken by things well outside of my control. I won't go into the details, but suffice to say that many times on many levels I felt like a square peg trying to be pushed into a round hole.

Fast forward to now and I have found that square hole that I have been searching for. It has been a relief as finally I can just be me. It's all I really know how to be.
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Good for you! I don't think I will ever fit in a pigeon hole! I keep on changing to much for that. If its a pigeon wardrobe that might change things a bit! :-)

enjoy life as you hun

Why does it take us so long to be comfortable with ourselves?

I think it is a learning curve but also we have outside pressures from society that has been slow to change.

well I still dont dress in front of the world, but my secret is not such a big secret anymore I don't go around flaunting my strangedress habits, but I'm letting more and more know I enjoy skirts instead of pants, and am not so afraid to get caught now.

I know longer care what other people think and am happy to dress in a skirt or dress if I wish when I go out.


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I do hope that what I've learnt can help others. It hasn't been a pleasant journey at times, but that has been all a part of the learning.

Thanks Jenny. You're awesome yourself my friend.

You got to be you. Be the best you, you can be.<br />
We love you the way you are. (Awesome)!!!!

I'm sorry that you feel insecure at times. I also wish that I could save others the pain too

Thank you both for commenting.

thats a lovely story!