Not Going To Change To Please You

I've been me since little, even very little, don't care what you think of me really, I do what I want, ****. If you don't like me, it's your choice don't befriend me that's all, but I won't change to please you. I am me, and it's already something big, believe me. Being ourselves is the biggest thing ever. Being genuine is the most expected from me, it's all I ask to my mates. It can't sound big, but it is, really, real people are rare. Especially on the net. Anyways, i'll be me, and I like it. With pain and blood and sweat and all, I'll be me. With intensity, emotions, quietness, it's me. I've never been false, that's why so many people hated me, but why so many people love me too. And they love me for what I really am. It's more than rewarding, it's so true. I've been looking for the truith in everything, every relationship, why I left so many people aside, but those who are here, they've been for a long while. Life is good where you are yourself. Because in the end, everything is true, nothing is to regret, the pain, the blood, and the big joys too.
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1 Response Jun 12, 2012

Indeed, yes. Very well said my dear...:) tc always