It's Very True.

It's very true. I'm just me-- it's all I know how to be. My old therapist told me to act when I'm around people. To pretend that I'm someone else so that it will be easier for me to talk to them. I still think that's very bad advice. Not only because it's impossible for me to be anyone other than who I am, but also because I think it's just plain wrong for one human being to tell another human being to stop being themselves & act like someone else to better fit in. People should be able to be themselves without the fear of scorn from others & I shouldn't have to pretend I'm someone else just to make people like me or deal with situations better. I should be able to be myself, & that should be enough. If me being my true self is not enough for you, then maybe you shouldn't be in my life. That's how I feel.

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1 Response Apr 5, 2010

your absolutely correct