I Do Not Intend.....

I do not mean to ruin stories of some friends here
but I guess I would like to comment on some,
cause I can't take to see others telling bad about my friend
How can some judge you that you are this and that 
not this and that
when they don't even know who you really are
they don't even know that you are not telling lies
and you're only telling the things you know
and have no reason to lie about here
even me, I'm not perfect
i always say that and
when they see me that I was wrong with the words i use
I don't mind
so what????
I can use any words I want
bad me
but I think that it's really insulting 
to say to someone that he/she have not known this
cause he/she does not even studied about it

It is bad in my side to tell me that I don't know about that
and haven't studied about  that thing
cause that person don't even know what I've studied before
I may not respond on bad comments at times
but I remember my classmates before telling me
that I should tell my feelings
I should not hide that I'm hurt
I can be quarellesome as they are
Okey okey

I am friendly but don't insult me
friendlycat friendlycat
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 29, 2011

Woot ... :o

I have seen alot of people insult others on here which is wrong. Every one has their own way of thinking and writing so be it let them be theres no need to insult anyone.