I Seccond That Double Tap On Sigh.

So I'm sitting here,.......... blocking the world out to the very best of my abillities....

This Gal behind me is on the phone with a customer,..I hear her say " I Apologize, but we are experiencing " Issue Problems" ATM..

Let's just stop right there a moment.... Issue Problems.....Oh Kay...?

W. T. F. is an issue problem?...someone throw some logical sense on this.....please...Wha?

It's either an issue that becomes a problem.. OR a problem that stemmed from a previous issue...


I'm befuddled..or some ****...


She proceeds to tell the customer, " As soon as someone works on the trouble ( ??? ) and it's reslove.. ( no D)

I will send you a responD ( stop looking I have located said missing letter D ).

(*sigh, and *sigh again) <------- There's the double tap.

May I leave this place now? Please and thank you...

Jus~sayin.....Hello again Mundaneday..I am for sure in it.

PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
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7 Responses Jun 6, 2011

Sounds excruciating.

DEG,..._------------------------------> Get! Im in no mood for an *** that is attached to someone smart right now... MUAH! jus kiddin, I love u. but go-awn..lol<br />
<br />
Sierra,...:) yes please,..first available flight..<br />
<br />
Sun YUP.<br />
<br />
Julie,...what sun said..:)

Aww, Pretty, she is having a problem finding a decent issue to appease the poor customer with...<br />
<br />
I'm NOT the best "equation" on the math test, by a long shot, but I hate it when folks spout logic that has NO logic in it!! <br />
<br />
If I could I would fly you away to some nice beach where you could make a sand castle and feed the gulls.... :)

lol @ juliegirlie.. i believe Pretty is sayin "never fuhkin mind" lolz.. sowwy I've become fluent in pretty lingo.

ahh.so that's what she puked in my ear..

I have no problem with her obvious issue, but shes..aaagh..nvrfkngmnd..

Be sweet with me ! What the meaning of " nvrfkngmnd " acronym or only a "joke" ??? :)

rofl.. i have problems with this girls issues

ANd I have an issue with a missing you, that's a problem. Ain't no sunshine when your gone......z:(