I Should'nt Of Said It But My Rage Got The Better Of Me!!

I work in a very high volume tourist town bar/resturant. Most of the people I work with are douchebag slackers! They all come in to work and do nothing to help set things up! 1 of the people I open with is nosey, bosey and just a plain ol *****! I come in a half hour early to get things going she will come in late noing I'm there taking care of things order some food then sit and chat as the other people start comming in to work. Then will just start taking tables when it suites her. Espicaly if its a 6 top I finally got upset and asked her if shed help me finish setting up she told me I don't need to be a *****! I went off I've had this all inside for a year! I called her a ***** **** ***** **** you name it I also told her everyone eles is sick of her! She cryed and told the mgr. I told him what was up and I'm sorry for calling her names but not for what I said! She told all the other employees I never said anything it was between us! Now all others are mad at me and I'm more pissed!! Everyone is so touchy anyway it depends on how much they have had to drink or drugs or they haven't had enough I wish I could find another job I hate all of them!!!
badkitty1 badkitty1
41-45, F
Mar 8, 2012