Has an idea to make Nascar Interesting-- Have half the cars go one way while the other half is going the the opposite way !! Now that i would watch..    I'm just sayin'

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I am going to Nascar in scottsdale in November. My brother invited me along - he loves Nascar I am more than indifferent but I wanted to see the area so I will be going with him and his buddies 4 of them and when they go to the race I am doing talismen west a walking food tour a spa day and a day in the desert! We will hook up for dinner and drinks and no doubt I will listen quietly while they rehash the days events at the vroom track!!My mind will wonder to my adventures and I will smile. My husband cannot understand why I would even consider going if I am not going to the races. I said I was going for happy hour- we don`t have that in Canada!

I might watch too if they did that.