I'm Just Starting My Morning

Not being a morning person by nature I have stepped into the role of waking early mornings because my husband wakes me up.  At least today I didn't have to worry about ironing his clothes for work, simply because he didn't feel like going to work.  So now he is snoring contently in bed while I sit up and stare at a mountain of online work to do.  God I don't want to do this work, but it brings in extra money, which we need.  So with a cup of coffe in hand, a half eaten brownie beside my laptop, I will soon start plugging away at this work, which includes: a class assignment, re-writing articles, writing original articles, and editing press releases.  Then I suppose I will worry about the rest of the house chores once the husband and our son wakes up.  Heh ... must be nice to sleep in once in a while.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

LOL I know what it's like only to get 3 to 4 hours sleep a night. I have arthritis in my lower back so anything done for a prolonged amount of time such as sleeping, standing, sitting or walking kills me. Which is why I end up tossing and turning all night long which causes disruptive sleep and anything over 4 hours of laying in bed and I am nearly immobilized with the pain.<br />
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Good luck to you getting your nights straightened out and back on track.

It must be! right? lol! I never get to sleep in either. I wake between 3:00am-4:00am (depending on what time I fell asleep) EVERY morning. Even when I don't have to leave at 7:00am I am up early. I can never sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. I know this isn't healthy, and don't know why it continues to happen. I have some health problems and the body heals when it's at rest. We can't catch up on lost sleep and I can't sleep during the day. I had started falling asleep in the evening and would be up all night. Strange, I preferred switching/confusing my days and nights. Hope you're enjoying your "morning" and have a blessed day! Don't work too hard.............remember to take time to stop and smell the roses. Take some time for you! =)